Admitting To The Association

Application for accessionwordRegulation on the approval of the membership fees


Regulations on Membership

wordletter of recommendation


Membership in the Association is carried out on the basis of the Council of the Association by a written application in free form, submitted to the Association Council President. Legal entity - the Association candidate making the request with two written recommendations from the founding-members of the Association. Founding-members of the Association are: LLC "Northern Capital Gateway", LLC "Komintur", LLC "Fremad Petersburg", individuals - Chen Zhigang, Tsurcan Yuri.

Legal person - a candidate for membership in the Association, along with the statement and recommendations, submit the documents confirming the following information:

  • taxpayer identification number;
  • main state registration number;
  • Bank details;
  • surname, name, patronymic of the head, his passport details, and contact information;
  • actual and legal address.