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Russian-Chinese Tourism Promoting Association was registered on 29th of December 2015 in Moscow  as a corporate non-commercial organization, founded within principles of voluntary membership and functioning on a basis of self-regulating principles, voluntariness, mutual equality, transparency, lawfulness, mercy and humanity.

Association’s interests cover the whole geography of Russian Federation.

The basic purpose of the Association is coordination of business activities, representation and protection of common and professional interests of its members, as well as promoting Russian-Chinese tourist exchange by creating the positive image of the Russian Federation as a safe and comfortable country, for incoming tourism.

For achieving its goals the Association implements many types of functions in accordance with the legislation of Russian Federation:

  • Creating standards of the safe services provided for Russian and Chinese tourists.
  • Promoting the founding and development of safe incoming and outgoing tourism in the regions of Russia.
  • Improving the competitive abilities of tourist-companies – members of the Association on Russian and international markets.
  • Providing the assistance and protection of rights and interests of the Association body-members as well as citizens of Peoples Republic of China and Russian Federation visiting both countries.
  • Assisting the improvement and development of the tourism legislation basis;
  • Increasing the level of responsibility of members of the Association for the quality of tourist services in the sphere of Russian-Chinese tourism, their compliance with the requirements of the current legislation;
  • Developing the instructions for improving the legal basis regulation of the activities in the field of tourism, including safety standards in the provision of tourist services;
  • Creating and implementing programs for the development of business relations between Russian and Chinese tourist companies and associations, including programs in the field of security and legal protection of tourists those citizens of Russian Federation and China;
  • Establishing and financing projects and programs aimed at the realization of the main corporative goals and objectives;
  • Assisting members of the Association in their activities in the territory of the Russian Federation and foreign countries;
  • Implementing legal support and protection of the Association members’ interests related to the activities of the Association;
  • Presenting economic and intellectual interests of its members in front of government facilities and other organizations.




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